n. an internet slang for sex to be used in a more joking manner or perhaps in a format more suitable for the eyes of younger children.
v. to have sex with someone, forceably or not, the act of performing sex upon an individual
1. Thomas: do u liek butt sects har har?

2. Aaron: I'm going to sects you all up.
by UkyoTachibana March 25, 2008
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F5 is the function key to refresh a page on PC.

In Chinese/Japanese translation Web Novel and Light Novel communities, authors/translators will often have a regular time of the day that they'll upload the latest chapter. Practitioners of the F5 Sect have been known to repeatedly spam the F5 key near these times in the hope of being the first one to access the new chapter, and thus have the opportunity to make the first comment.

The 'Sect' is a joke referring to how many of the Chinese novels having martial practitioners belonging to various Sects (Clans, groups, etc.).

Therefore the users who single-mindedly hit the F5 key in pursuit of first comment ironically reflect the focus that'd be required of a martial cultivator in many of the novels that they are reading.
Lowlav (of Wuxiaworld forums):
F5 Sect is an organisation researching on the profound effects of throbbing F5, dealing with the order of rebirth. the pulse of internet. Cultivators of the laws of F5 are forever dominant in the comment sections all over the internet. It is a mystery with great power!

Ryuushima (Of Wuxiaworld forums):
They are a bunch of ---- that spam every chapter release with posts about being 1st , 2nd etc instead of talking about the actual chapter.

Minru (Of Wuxiaworld forums):
I refreshed the page and found a new skyfire chapter without a comment... instead of commenting first first first, i read the chapter. There still wasn't a comment so i nabbed first. Does this make ma F5 member because i got first or a F5 heretic because i read the chapter first?
by Deviant Antrax August 20, 2018
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1. The cutting open of a relatives stomach in case of an emergency birth.

2. A steralized setting of the art of delivering a baby through the stomach.

3. The alternative to a natural birth.
I c-sected my sister when she didn't make it to the hospital in time.
by Paymonkey July 10, 2011
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See Definitions.
(1) and (2) for a complete description.

Def: 1)
Pronunciation:\ˈdī\ \ˈsekt\
A conjunction of two separate words, Die and Sect.

A "Sect" is a group with distinctive religious, political or philosophical beliefs.
Adding "Die" as a prefix to this then defines a certain type of sect.
Making this conjunction a noun.

A "Die-Sect" is a group with distinctive beliefs that everything weather religious, political or philosophical has a creation beginning and a definite ending point of death.

Everything that has life, Will eventually die. Giving this sect it's root premise of worship. A true ending point of complete non-existence remaining after the end of life leaving only a carbon footprint on the fabric of time.

Def: 2)
Pronunciation:\ˈdī\ \ˈsekt\

A musical band from the United States of America the state of Michigan.
Creating styles of music called metal they have performed for live audiences since July, 2009.

They originally created the band using a core group of four members playing lead guitar, bass guitar, percussion and vocals.

The subclass genres of categorization "Die-Sect" performs include:
Heavy metal, Thrash metal, Speed metal, Death metal, Power metal, Metalcore, Doom Metal, Melodic Metal, Hot-rod Metal, Industrial Metal, Sex Metal, Hardcore Metal, Math Metal, and a self created genre - Meth Metal
Things that would contradict a "Die-Sect" belief system of absolution in death.

Reincarnation, Supplemental life cycle existence, Super-naturalism, Mythological theory, Valhalla Placement, Faith or belief in a spiritual power dictating the afterlife or faith in an afterlife at all, Holiness, Creationism, Spiritual Existence, Higher powers then ones self, Planned reasoning of a greater ideal (Idol-ism), Karma based theoretical life event dictation, and Society based laws of morality.

A person of the "Die-Sect" way of life is a person of simplistic views based on proven facts of existence only.

Also shares elements of "Humanism" as well as "Carbon-ism"
by Wes Nile Virus November 19, 2010
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A group of girls who are obsessed with memes.
Ps. 2 of them even like kpop
Girl 1: Wow who are they? They look cool!
Girl 2: They're the Boi sect. They're kinda anti-social, but cool and full of memes.
Girl 1: wOW
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The cutting open of the stomach resembling the cutting open of a dry Thanksgiving turkey.
I c-sected that turkey like it was nobodys business.
by quimsugar July 11, 2011
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