1 definition by nutella clit

Meme Lord (tho he pronounces it as "me-me") also known as Sexy Seabass, Vanilla Ice, Winter Boo Bear, Wiener Soldier, and Sebastian Satan.

Lost Romanian Puppy, who doesn't know anything, ever...

Space Nerd.

Loves karaoke.

Took his girlfriend to McDonald's to get a happy meal after losing his virginity at the Time Hotel in Times Square.

Can't kill a spider cause he is a fluffball.

Goes from cinnamon roll to sinnamon daddy in 0.00091 seconds

His jawline is more structured than your life (let's face it, it's true)

Those thighs of betrayal and what's between them is the reason you sin at night (or maybe 24/7 if you are a hoe)

Adorkable flirty ass who just wants to eat microwaved cookie dough quest bars and talk about lube (or use it...in his hair)

Will probably show you to the beach if you ask nicely...

*Warnings: don't leave your bags at the movie theater cause he will go through them to make sure it's not a bomb; can shamelessly lurk on your instagram stories
Here's a question: do you like Sebastian Stan? If your answer is "no" then here's another one: WHY THE FUCK ARE U LYING, BITCH???
by nutella clit August 16, 2016