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Anouncing that you are reserving your spot when you have to get up and get something.
"I'm gonna get a beer. Seat check."
by jolene January 15, 2004
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a way to reserving your seat fo a certain amount of time. It works by calling "seat check" before leaving your seat. This insures no one may sit in your seat, however another person may sit there but only until the "seat checker" returns. A key point of this is making sure your persons your around understand and use seat check, or your seat will be jacked with no mercy.

Seat Jack: this is simply a way of insuring a persons seat will be taken by you. By calling "seat jack" before a person calls seat check and after that persons but leaves their seat, you have in effect "jacked" their seat.
Different groups of people use different rules so be sure to ask for "The Rules of Your Seat Check" before leaving your seat, when with a new group of people. The number one most important thing about "Seat Check/Jack" is that they CANNOT be disobeyed. The "Check/Jack" when called stays, until the time limit is reached.

Depending on who you are "Checking" your seat with, there will be a time limit. This means after the seat is checked, that seat is only on reserve for normally 5 minutes. So that after 5 minutes without the "seat checker" returning, the seat may be "jacked." Simple right?

Some variations include:
1) not called seat check but "quack quack:" meaning "quack quack, no seat jack"
----called the same way as seat check----
2) many different time limit are used, most widely used being 5 minutes but up to 20 when going to the bathroom, persay.
3) ALWAYS a safe thing to do is
- make sure seat check/jack and quack quack are understood
- then while still sitting, call "seat check quack quack!" or if with a highly educated group call "seat quack!"
- make sure another person hears you call it, look them in the face and say it!

Again, always obey seat check and quack quack, always!
person a: "seat check"
person b: damn

person a: "quack quack!"
person b: yes finally a seat
person c: nope sorry, he called quack quack
by Mr. Griffin June 07, 2007
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Calling "seatcheck" is alot like calling out "shotgun" in the fact that it is used to claim your: chair, sofa spot, futon, stair, whatever your seat may be, when you want to get up for a moment. It lets everyone around know that that spot, while vacant, is still occupied.
by chanda June 06, 2007
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