.sdrawkcab si ecnetnes sihT
by Lunis August 23, 2006
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where things are said backwards but pronounced and used in sentences normally. if theres 2 consonants, the sounds are made normally.
used in a sentence: i cant stand it when they speak sdrawkcab!

example of sdrawkcab: Look at that guy! hes such a gaf.
by captain explosion January 4, 2008
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Backwards Talk, spelled backwards. Mostly used when your trying to act retarded.
klat sdrawkcab
by Velocity860 September 6, 2010
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asking someone to speak backwards giving the ultimate reverse card effect while saying that. This would make the person shut up. If not, ask the person to search this on the urban dictionary.
A : you are a !@#$%%^&*
B : sdrawkcab kaeps *effect*
by King D with double R May 12, 2020
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when bored, friends will start to text backwards. this prevents boredom and can be a great conversation piece. although it is difficult, and easy to mess up. its fun all the same
Jen: Hey, whats up?
Ben: Nothing.
Jen: why dont we try gnitxet sdrawkcab?
Ben: what?
Jen: llew eruoy hcus a gnirob nosrep, i thguoht i dluow ecips ti pu!
by frankie0801401994 July 6, 2010
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oT daeR sdrow sdrawkcaB ( ekil eht drow You ouY dluoW daeR ti sa ouY)
oknuJ : yeH eduD daeR sihT sdrawkcaB
eduD: kO
by hanakokun_yugianame December 15, 2020
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