A person who was so drunk off their ass the night before, that their face resembles a wild bear.
see scummy
The morning after getting drunk with his friends, Jimmy fled to the woods to start his new life as a scummy bear.
by MikeG July 29, 2005
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Broken down into two parts. Scummie - skeezy/slutty ; Bears - most people think of cute baby bears.
So when you put them together you get cute, skeezy girls. The sound of the words together sound like "gummy bears" so you think good things and gummy bears are sweet and taste good. And any guy knows sometimes its fun to hang out with a skeez. Can be used interchangeably with slut, skeez, cum dumpster, skank, etc.
Yeah, Rob and I were at a party at State and those high school scummie bears tried stealing our beer. So we got them wasted and had our way with them.
by C Moc February 12, 2008
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A variation of the popular 'Gummy Bear' sweets.
Scummy Bears are usually covered in fluff/dust/dirt after having been dropped on the floor or left in a pocket for a few weeks/months etc

A Gummy Bear sweet that is found by surprise down the side of the sofa/under the bed etc generally inedible except to those strange few who claim the mould adds to the flavour...

Boy: Would you like a gummy bear?

Girl: Yeah, thanks... Hey! this is a scummy bear! it's covered in fluff and missing an ear!!

Boy: ...I found it on the floor

TV Advertisement: 'Scummy Bears! Now with 25% more fluff!'
by BekkaBecca! March 27, 2009
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A Greek delicacy, the scummy bear is a gummy bear that has previously been inserted into a hairy mans dirty asshole
Jimmy fell asleep first so we fed him a scummy bear
by El Coochie Man October 02, 2020
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