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one who adheres to the following characteristics:
1. gauges/hoop earrings on men
2. dresses like complete shit

ie. tight pants hanging well bellow buttocks and baggy t-shirts often displaying drug, beer, skate, or sexual references
3. Smokes lots and lots of cigs or illegal substances (also prone to packing large dippers, usually while taking a dumpset)
4. treats gf/women poorly but yet still found extremely attractive by opposite gender
5. Has sexual intercourse with many girls regardless of appearance or relationship status.
6. Will often be seen skateboarding or riding a bike rather than driving in a car.
7. Often will appear at parties with no trace of an invitation and will bring as many scumbag counterparts along.
8. Wears "ski hats" or "beanies" regardless of outside temperature.

9. Often seen listening to ipod with only one headphone in ear.
10. As a dog pisses on an area to declare it's territory, scumbags will often piss anywhere besides a toilet including on, around the toilet, and on the walls.

**If you have one or more of these qualities, congratulations, you have partial scumbag factor
The normalcy to scumbag factor ratio is 2:1 in the east coast
by leggsalem May 05, 2011
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