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An anti-wrinkle treatment, similar to "Botox," for the scrotum. Sometimes deemed vain and unnecessary, the scrotox treatment is nonetheless gaining popularity in Europe and the west coast.
After grandpa's scrotox treatment, his balls looked as smooth as a peach. I wonder how long that'll last, but I'm more worried about the fact that he showed me his balls.
by Scrotexyak November 12, 2004
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A new treatment for removing unsightly wrinkles from scrotum.
He was the ultimate metrosexual, not a hair out of place, not a wrinkle anywhere. I swear, when they finally invent scrotox he'll be first in line for a treatment.
by Jeremy Sherman January 28, 2009
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I love scrotox. Now my ball sack always looks like I just stepped out of a hot shower .
by Longtalltexan November 09, 2017
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A new cosmetic medical procedure used by maturing men for their sagging scrotum. It requires the injection of botulinum toxin aka Botoxβ„’ into the skin of the scrotum so the sac lifts and the wrinkles disappear giving a more youthful appearance. Scrotoxing also reduces injury during teabagging and makes it more difficult to squirrel grip during rough sex.
Sheila was ecstatic after Shane went and had the Scrotox procedure. It's been like a new lease of life. His teabagging her no longer feels like a slap in the face and his ball sac feels so smooth to lick and kiss.
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by Dick Examiner May 03, 2018
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