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To forcibly take
"That is a very nice 🅱epis you have. Would be a shame if an interdimentional fruit being were to scronch it"- Orang
by doragon88 May 30, 2018
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Jabbing someone between the rib cadge and their hip.
causing them to giggle and laugh.
"you just got scronched!"
by spagetti sauce December 13, 2017
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To grab a woman's breasts from the outer side and squeeze them together toward the middle, ie, pushing inward from the outside, so that they are tightly squeezed together.
I scronched Sherri's tits together and gave her the titty-fucking of a lifetime!!!
by Autodonk April 26, 2009
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A term used to describe a ginger person. Usually considered as an insult. Offensive in some countries.
"Oh my god look at that scronch!"
"Shut up scronch, your opinion counts for nothing"
"Now listen son, I dont care about your sexuality, whatever makes you happy, but if you marry a scronch I swear I will disown you and you will no longer be considered part of the family"
by Katie the Scronch March 04, 2005
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A type of tennis hit. Can be used as both a noun and a verb. A scronch occurs when one player hits the tennis ball such that it lands at the feet of an opposing player. The scronch hit causes the opposing player to scramble around trying to hit the ball back.

Due to their nature, a scronch is a very hard hit to return for novice players, and only those players highly skilled in the game of tennis can master both the scronch and the scronch-return. Oftentimes a novice player can perform scronches on accident, and gain an advantage over their opponent.
1. noun
Man, did you see that scronch i just hit? There was no way he could have returned that!

2. verb
Bystander: You lost to Mike in Tennis? How the fuck did that happen?
Player: I couldn't return any of his shots. That bastard kept scronching me.
by Scronch Master October 20, 2010
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