wanking,boshing off,tossing,man-handling,fist beating,5-knuckle shuffle
a boy called cadge is cadging off in a computer room with other people in it.......bt ,uhoh,he gets seen doing it by some cool,but unfortunate,kids ie fin bill joe n ross
by radshape March 19, 2006
Verb form, generally means to get something using your charm and wit, similar to "wrangle"...
Noun form, means the general under area of a dog or cat or other domesticated animal
That dog has one hairy cadge....
by mu-1 December 4, 2008
cadged is very similar to yoink
if you have yoinked it, it has been cadged
and the ownership is yours
I cadged you chocolate bar
by yorkshiredave January 22, 2012