The word Scrimpy oringinates from the word shrimp. It means to me skinny and mal-nourished. Often to look like a prawn. It is a description of a person or an object.
'Look, Matt Bellamy is scrimpy.'
'That tree looks a bit scrimpy'
by Senior Toenails July 22, 2004
It's contextual and the closest meaning I can think of is f*cking awesome, but only in certain situations or for some items. Some examples are below:

1 - Me an my little sister matching with each other on Tinder. I don't know it's her but she know it's me even though it's not a picture of my face on my profile.

That's Scrimpy.

2 - Going out and partying all night. Waking up and, while still drunk, sitting and passing an exam for work. Then going into a meeting with potential clients, swearing and making racial jokes and still getting the contract.

That's Scrimpy.

3 - Doing my friends mum and then paying her with money I stole from that friend.

That's Scrimpy AF!
Dude, acknowledge my Scrimp.

I am the Scrimp Master.

Pulled Beef chilli with home made tomato salsa and guacamole along with some bottles of Desperados, Scrimpy?
by ScrimpMaster123 September 27, 2022
same as a hoe, bop, ripper, or a girl who mess around too much. used in east oakland california.
"I dont mess around wit dem lil scrimpy girlz"
by brah-brah August 17, 2006
getting less than you should. same as jankie.
That sac was scrimpy dawg!
by Lee February 22, 2005