Someone or something who is "scrimblo" can be someone/something described as "cute" "lovable" or other synonyms.
"you are so scrimblo like baller skeemk and tupa 🥺🥺 aww scrimblo 🥺🥺 you are like feebee bouba 🥺🥺"
by tiepsney August 24, 2021
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The ultimate, dominant leader of the male hierarchy. Widely and equally renowned and feared for their ultimate charisma, appearance and power in society, few are thought to exist.
It is said that women who look Scrimblo males in the eyes orgasm immediately and bear their children in under a second.
by BronYrAurHouse July 10, 2021
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Derived from "Scrimblo Bimblo, the lovable Scrunko" a term used to describe obscure, cartoon-like video game mascots. Now used as a general term for all mascots of this nature (e.g. Mario, Sonic, Pacman, Crash Bandicoot, etc).

The term has risen to prominence in the Super Smash Bros community, due to the abundance of fans calling for the inclusion of recognisable mascots such as Crash and Spyro. Some (not all) of these fans take issue with the inclusion of less recognisable JRPG characters, often labeled as "anime sword fighters", due to them being generally less recognisable to westerners, and having similar appearances and abilities, which some feel makes the roster stale.

In response, the section of the fanbase who support the inclusion of "anime sword fighters" (and other similar characters) will use the term Scrimblo Bimblo in a more negative light, criticizing those who propose the inclusion of said characters as blinded by nostalgia, biased towards well known characters, or simply lacking in video game knowledge.
Person A: I'm sick of all these characters I don't recognize in Smash. When will Nintendo listen to the fans and add Crash or Spyro to the game?

Person B: You're just a biased westerner, blinded by nostalgia. Typical Scrimblo Bimblo fanboy!
by Hydrociraptor July 16, 2021
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The ultimate type of male — better than alpha males, sigma males, whatever else. Endowed with immense charisma, confidence, attractiveness, willpower, and intelligence. They are very rare, it is theorized that only 0.01% of men are scrimblo males.
Because of their sheer dominance, scrimblos are often the subject of jealousy from lower males. Sometimes lower males attempt to harm or incapacitate them. The adversaries must use dirty tricks, however, for none can hope to defeat a scrimblo male in a forthright struggle.
The rarity of scrimblo males means most of them will never meet another scrimblo. When they do, however, they treat each other with respect, recognizing a fellow scrimblo king.
Common signs of a scrimblo male: Enjoys jigsaw puzzles. Like to collect cool rocks. Volunteers at animal shelters.
Dave: Becky's been flirting with me, I'm gonna hit her up on Insta tonight.
Eric: Don't bother. I heard Sam's interested in her.
Dave: Sam? The scrimblo male? Please say you're kidding.
Eric: Nope. Frankly, I'm surprised she hasn't started dating him already.
by sapodilla July 14, 2021
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Scrimblo Bimblo, the lovable Scrunko is a term for a lovable character thats talked about alot but no one knows this character besides its fans.
Is this the Scrimblo Bimblo, the lovable Scrunko of this community?
by Peermom February 23, 2021
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A comedic nickname for main characters of video games so obscure, nobody really knows them outside of their cult following. Mostly used to refer to late-80s / early-90s platform game mascots like Gex, Bubsy the Bobcat, Awesome Possum and Super Mario.
Bob: "Hey man, did you see the new Smash Bros. reveal?"
John: "Yeah, they finally added Scrimblo Bimblo, the Lovable Scrunko!"
Bob: "Come on. Don't slander Banjo and Kazooie like that!"
by StaticImpulse June 25, 2021
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