A screw mate is a roommate who you happen to have casual sex with every now and then. It can even be a progressive thing where you start as occupying an apartment together to occupying each other’s beds and bodies from time to time.
Friend: “You wouldn’t believe what happened last night with Brad and I...”

Me: “Did you guys get into an argument about the dishes being left out?”

Friend: “No bro, we became screw mates, even though he’s straight.”

Me: “What is a screw mate?”

Friend: “You know, it’s where you’re living together as friends and happen to screw every now and then... mates who screw for fun.”

Me: “Sounds like the plot to a porn...”
by Dmart711 April 27, 2021
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When your roomate moves out and you sublet the room to a hot female that sneaks in your room at night to ride your cock.
I woke up to Chrissy riding my raging bone she's a good screwmate.

I bent my screwmate over our velour couch and drilled her from behind.

My screwmate was taking a nap so I unbuttoned her shirt and busted all over her tits.
by Felini Digital February 03, 2021
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