derived from the original term "slag" which is sometimes referred to as "sleg" according to pronunciation in norn ireland. the term screg is generally offensive and comes from a variation of sleg used in fermanagh. generally refers to any whores, tramps, slags, slappers, gypsies, fugly girls, leds/lads/lawds, killys, chavs or people you just look at and go AWWW FUCK because they are so repulsive. the term screg can also be used as a verb; to be screg like/ to screg about.
girl1: omg did you hear what SHE did with HIM last weekend?
girl2: omg ino, shes SUCH a screg
girl1: and did you see her screggin about uptown with that man-screg boyfriend of hers?
girl2: this really is screg city
by imnotascregled June 25, 2009
Is a northern word for a dirty scruffy trog(eg.whisky tango)also means dirty little slapper
by Paulsta October 23, 2003
when you scream in lower case
person: aaaaaaaaaa
person 2: woe they're screg ing
by inksquiddo September 1, 2021
The trash, “bottom of the barrel”, “the drippings”.
She drank the scregs of the bottle.
by Ggggmoney April 8, 2018