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scrapenuts- n. (not to be confused with the popular breakfast cereal) A condition in which, despite the cold weather and the common belief that the scrotal sac contracts into a tighter position, the testicles of an individual bounce back and forth hitting the inner thighs of the individual while he is scraping ice of off an automobile. This is due to to the stationary position of the legs and the motion of the upper body during the scraping act. This allows for the testicles to swing back and forth and cause the scraper to feel them hitting one inner thigh than the other in a pendulum-like pattern of motion.
Last week after the big ice storm, I was helping my buddy get the ice off of his car windows, and we both got scrapenuts.
by filetofsoul February 26, 2011
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Scrapenut is a condition that results from wearing constrictive clothing that makes the testicles uncomfortable.
"This male romper is too tight. I keep getting scrapenut!"
by MayDayX May 16, 2017
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