1. These are the girls you see flopping all over the dance floor.

It is not OK to take advantage of these kinds of girls. That is, unless you are equally as trashed as they are. (Although some consider this a point of contention).

These girls will often approach lone males on their own and initiate "conversation"; however, most of the time they choose to anonymously starting making out with said lone male(s). This may or may not be preceded by an innocent arm around the waist.

2. These are the only girls who will sleep with me.
Person 1: "Dude, I was fucking drunk last night"
Person 2: "Yeah man, but not as drunk as that girl you knobbed!"
Person 1: "Drunk chicks rule!"

Person 3: "Oh god, I am hungover."
Person 4: "Oh shit, you gotta go! I have to work at 12!"
Person 3: "Man...I hate sleeping with drunk chicks."
by not_sean July 29, 2006
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the illness that causes seemingly normal girls burst out in inconsolable tears for unfathomable reasons. At least one girl in every circle of friends is stricken by this disease. They are commonly found at frat parties, bars, and especially weddings.
Bro 1: Bro can you introduce to that girl?
Bro 2: Naw dude she has Crying Drunk Chick Syndrome you don't want to be stuck with her when that time bomb goes off.
Bro 1: what about her?
Bro 2: she's got the clap
Bro 1: I am going in
by Fratstar Chiver March 29, 2012
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