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Scram Jones n, adj.

1) A straight up hoe
2) A dirty slut that tries to get with you and all your friends
3) A girl that is straight up busted. Usually suffering from butterface, obesity, or shovel-syndrome.
Dude 1: You're hanging out with her?
Dude 2: Ya.. why
Dude 3: That girl is straight up scram jones.

Girl: Hey boo,
Playa: Get off my nuts, scram jones

Playa: Yous a scram jones!
by Mikey J in the 508 March 06, 2007
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ugly person. someone that once you see them, you want to leave... immediately
Damn, when I went to go see that guy from the partyline, he was straight scram jones case.. for real!
by Kia April 19, 2005
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Scram Jones is a person who has nothing going for them, they have absolutely no swag no money and above all else get no bitches . They often brag as if they have alot going on and in return they get slammed with the phrase scram Jones. A scram Jones is typically an overweight fat ass or a scrawny weakling.
Yo look at Michael trying to holla at that girl you know he ain't getting no play....
-of course he's not that nigga a scram Jones
by Frank obrian August 15, 2017
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