Derogatory term used to describe a native inhabitant of Liverpool, England.

Stereotypically, scousers will have a strong Liverpudlian accent, wear La Coste shell suits, buy white-label dance tracks ('scouse house') smoke weed and live off benefit.
"Ay, mate, ya got that toon on vinal?"
by paul raine May 05, 2004
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some1 from liverpool, city with less crime and unemployement dan manchester...but we'l stil put a stanley blade across the neck of any fuckin manc
is ryt laddddddddddddddd
by scouser17 June 27, 2005
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1) Annoying squeeky fuckers that over-pronouce "ck"'s

2) Thieves

3) Inbred
Most popular phrases said by scousers:

"Stevey Gerrard"

"Fernando Torres"

"Wayne Roo- *Smack*"
by manc_chimp August 24, 2008
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A scouser is a person originating from the City of Liverpool and areas within the metropolitan borough of merseyside. A scouser is so called due to the accent and dialect known as scouse. Like most places, there are a wide variety of people who are scouse, the most notably people who are of an aggressive nature and are overly jealous of places that arnt sterotyped as being the worst place to live in England and for having the most scummiest people on earth. Scousers often steal and commit crime, scousers are also known for bullying vulnerable people as it maked their completely pointless existence seem slightly more of a point. A simple youtube search for scouser can find a number of Mobile phone videos that show the average scouser bullying people they refer to as wools. 'Wools' are people outside of merseyside who live a normal life and are happy. Scousers get offended by this and feel negative tendancies towards these people. Scousers are scum.
Fuck me Laa, give this wool a fums down heees bein a wanka about us scousers.

I hate manchester, people from there are so cool and i hate it. I wish i was a manc, being a scousers is well shit. I no, lets bitch about manchester make us feel better.

by KevinTM September 06, 2008
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the best people in the world..everyone else are wooly back gay asses :( (had ya mum :)
scousers are great and were not wooly backs gay asses :(
by ian January 23, 2004
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Hehe. All of the above are true. But just for the sake of completeness, a scouser is someone from Liverpool, England, usually working class.
"Yeah, he's from Liverpool, scouser"
by Darren Newstead June 08, 2004
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strange creatures from a galaxy far away...liverpool in fact. hobbies include car stealing,mobile phone theft,burglary and generally petty crime. easy to determine who they are due to the shiny lacoste racksuit bottoms with a cabrini hooded sweatshirt,burberry cap and of course black socks pulled up over the trouser bottoms. (females tend to look the same but with huge mock gold plated earrings)
tend to say fruckhen and what ya lhookin at? a hell of a lot
by chazza the lil green alien November 27, 2003
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