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While watching tv at home on a split screen or picture in picture, or at a bar with multiple tvs and more than one team scores at once.
Ex. 1 9Julio got so excited while watching football at buffalo wild wings when three teams scored at the same time that he fell off of his stool. After his scorgasm everyone offered him a towel to clean himself up.
by wheel929 January 02, 2011
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when someone gets WAYYYYY too overexcited for a goal they have scored on fifa and they end up spunking on their xbox controller so that the buttons get stuck

Person 2; whoa what the hell man?!
Person 1; I think i just jizzed over that.
Person 1; ooops?
Person 2; dont worry ill lick it off
Person 1; nice one
Person 2; wow, that was some scorgasm!!!!!
by fajjjjj December 21, 2010
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A competition between friends to see who can have the most orgasms in public.
For guys it could be getting a blow job and the showing his friends either some of her hair or the color of her lipstick. For gals it's as simple as pointing out the best looking guy in the place and then describing how you could leave said lipstick.
In a club last night I was so tired from my scorgasms I went straight to sleep still wearing most of my clothes.
by Sky20051965 March 13, 2009
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