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A term for data used by military snipers. D.O.P.E.: Data Of Previous Engagement. Scope dope refers to data recorded from rounds fired at a range. It is used as a reference for the sniper to estimate what elevation and windage adjustments must be made to ensure a first round hit on the target.
Alright, target is 600 meters downrange, 15 degree incline, steady wind. Check the scope dope, set your scope for 650 meters.
by bravofour June 01, 2011
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Any person, most often in the military, who operates radar, sonar, or weapons fire control equipment where constant staring at a cathode ray tube (CRT) or other visual device is required.
The scope dopes in sonar control carefully watched the contact on their screen trying to determine of it was an actual submarine.
by Obbop November 13, 2007
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Someone who can't play a round of modern warfare 2 without a sniper rifle, a claymore,tactical insertion and sometimes a spotter.they do this because they are to scared to use a knife or shotgun or get their hands dirty in any way.Scope dopes also love to brag about how many kills they got while hiding in windows and under cars.
Guy1:Dude how did you get killed so many times?
Guy2:i kept getting shot by that fuckin scope dope in that window.
by TINMAN1017 February 18, 2010
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