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Originating or residing in Moulsecoomb, Brighton. Those who live anywhere up 'The Avenue' or beyond.

Preferred method of transport: No. 49 bus, or a Vauxhall Nova lifted from the local hood.

Recognised by: spotty youthful complexion, adidas/reebok classics.

Gender specific description:
- The females wear multiple large shell hoop earrings and move in large circles with other pram wielding scoombers,
- The males frequent the doorstep of the local One Stop, fag in hand, snorting and spitting, with Burberry cap pirched on the top of the head.

Where can they be seen: shopping in Poundland or Pikeyville (aka Asda).

Once a scoomber, always a scoomber. No matter how old you are!

More generalised names... chav townie pikey
I'm not getting on the No. 49 bus, its full of scoomber's

TML on a friday night is crap, its full of scoombers
by KingKeano May 05, 2004
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Noun - referring to a Chav from the Moulsecoomg area of Brighton. Unpleasant individual, yet Scoombers are proud of their moniker
Hey, Bob, did you see that Scoomber? What a Chav!
by Tom November 15, 2004
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