Someone sexually attracted to undercooked baked goods. Not to be confused with a masterbaker
I caught max masturbating to Mary Berry, what a sconce!
by Crusty Johnson May 11, 2022
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to be really, really fucking high.
Dude! Last night I was so sconced I watched Dora the Explorer for 4 hours!
by TheGanjMaster April 3, 2010
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To be overly annoying,dramatic,jerky,bitchy or just flat out gay. see ass hole.
Dude, don't get all sconce on meh.
by Vengence97 February 10, 2009
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A form of cider, fermented using a rather unusual method.

Rotten apples are inserted into a particularly active woman's vagina, preferrably from the county of Somerset.
The apples ferment with the yeast in the volunteer's genitalia and, when ready, can either be consumed from the vagina itself or 'squinced' out into another container.

Once a month, special 'Strawberry' Sconce can be brewed.
'Ere, lets 'av a nice pint o' sconce!'
by Somerset Expert December 6, 2009
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A sconce is a nigger by nature, with variations relating to the stupidness that engolfs people from time to time
by Wop_Genius January 12, 2011
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It is a mix of the word scum and nonce

Scum + nonce = sconce

It is a great word to use if you are looking for new and improved ways to insult someone
For an insult you could say

You are a sconce
by megxnellee December 9, 2019
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See that filthy Sconce across the bar? I'd wrangle her
by Alister the Sconce Slayer February 4, 2022
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