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Science dick is the generally accepted measure of success in the fields on physics, chemistry, biology and dyingalonelyvirginology. Those who have made a greater number of important discoveries are known to have bigger science dicks.

It is similar to to the measure of "e-penis" used in other circles. It is also equally irresistible to girls. Researchers in computer science may score highly in both, an achievement known as diphallia. The science dick is not popular in computer science for this very reason.

Because of complaints by people hot for Jesus, science dick is generally not discussed in public. It was found that the more mathematical H-index correlates well with science dick, so it is often used instead. Next time you hear a scientist talk about H-index, know that he's talking about his dick.
"Booya losers! Guess whose science dick just grew ten inches!" -Albert Einstein, upon discovering general relativity

"I decided to quit my science career after I found out that Marie Curie has a bigger science dick that I do." -Many an aspiring male scientist

"Pasteur, sir, do I observe correctly a substantial increment in the size of your breeches?" / "Verily, how perceptive! Having written about boiling milk, I found it necessary to reflect the consequences it held for me personally" / "How rare!"
by Mark42 October 17, 2015
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