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a devious clan with hair colors ranging from ginger-esque to dark brown afros. this cult enjoys bikeriding alongside the the spawn of jesus, just becuase they believe it will bring good fortune to their delicious feasts. there is nothing that can bring them down, for they are ridiculously epic and can revert back to any instinct for any situation. the most important member, sarah, can shapeshift, and is known to melt and go under doors in order to freak people out, since she is very skilled at this.
"those farnos and schnitts are gnarly ass individuals."

"i remember last week i called the schnitts the shits and they beat me up so hard that i looked like a bag of smashed assholes."
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To shit talk in a group while knitting. To knit in a group while gossiping and or drinking.
Those pants are beautiful, did you make them? Yes, I schnitt them myself. Oh wow, you schnitt your pants. That’s wonderful.

How was the schnitting circle last night? It was fun I got shitty drunk and schnitt my pants
by Miloramona March 31, 2019
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