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A suburbanite. Originating from those hailing from the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg but ubiquitous throughout suburban America. Usually culturally ignorant individuals who drive poorly in the city causing traffic problems.

Tend to frequent lame or over-hyped establishments in the city that they have heard about from fellow schaumies who claim the establishment is "awesome." Usually looked down upon for being annoying, inarticulate and without much taste, sense of style or individualism. Also have a tendency to drink excessively on their "big nights out" in the city as they don't get out much.

Alt spelling - Schaumy
"Did you see that Schaumie stumbling down Division? It's only 10:30pm for God's sake."

"I don't want to go to (insert lame bar here). It's filled with Schaumies."
by City Dweller January 11, 2008
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