Generally adolescents aged 15-20 who are involved in the "scenes" surrounding emo and indie (occasionaly other types of music as well, including punk with it's mohawked fashion punks) for whom the scene is more important than the music itself. They place greater importance upon the style of dress, knowledge of "cool" bands and being a part of the scene than the music that is the centre of the scene. They are the death of many scenes and are to be shunned.
He's such a scenester! He spends all his cash on scarves! Damned emo kids.
by untrue thoughts November 24, 2005
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A boy or girl who wears tight jeans, white studded belts, black band hoodies, bandanas, nerd glasses, 50's sunglasses, etc. They tend to shop at thrift stores because they're too "cool" to shop anywhere else. Scenesters think they're individual, but they're actually all just conforming to the current trends. You may find them listening to emo, indie, hardcore, synthpop, electronica, and many other subgenres of pop punk.
Girl: I'm a XsceneX slut OMG *GLAMOUR* &hearts; <333 lyk gangsturr. thugUP fo lyfe<333. I'm the biggest scenester on eearth omgz thrift stores : and RAAAR. DINOSAURS!!! BLACK AND WHITE!!! CHECKERED VANS!!!

Guy: I'm mother fucking X straight X edge X because it's cooler to be SXE when you could just not do drugs. I listen to the most obscured music as possible so you know I'm scener than you. My band is too cool to play at big venues. Actually, it's because we completely suck at playing music, but we're still too scene to play anywhere big.
by max_fool November 02, 2005
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Anyone who shops at Hot Topic.
The scenesters converged around Hot Topic when the new Blink 182 shirts became available.
by ChiaGuevara November 30, 2009
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a person that thinks dinosaurs are still living.
scenester: "OMGZ look at my trendy new pet dinosaur i drew on this sheet of lined paper. i'm gonna put it on my myspace and tell everyone to leave raddxcore commentz"

me: "dude, you know you can't have a pet dinosaur."

scenester: "OMGZ that was so not cool. my dino will RAWR at you."
by scene. June 18, 2006
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Scenesters scene,scene kids are people that follow the latest cool thing to be. At the moment the scene is emo. You can tell a scenester from an emo kid from how they dress and how they talk

Speech - OMGZ!!1

Girls Fashion:-
Tight Trousers
Cheap Pumps
Dyed Black hair cut straight across the eye brow
Footless tights

Boys Fashion:-
Tight Trousers
All black converse
Dyed black hair swept across the face(sometimes with a blonde streak)

Are you gay? No I'm just scene
by Phill McRackin July 18, 2005
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People who think they are black sheep but are just sheep who wear black.
Trent: Did you see that guy with the tragus piercing and hand bleached black t?
Felicity: Oh gawd he is just trying too hard.
Trent: Fuck you Felicity your tragus' are pierced.
Felicity: Yeah but I got mine done in 2007, back when it was cool.
Trent: Felicity, you are such a scenester cunt.
by IRonJeremiedURMom September 08, 2010
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1. Person prescribing to scene. Wear rainbow sparkly glam clown make-up and clothes. Have MySpaces comprising of 1,000+ friends, generated due to their numerous nudes, despite the fact almost all of them are underage. Believe they are "original" and "unique," but what's so original about prescribing to a certain style?

2. Many people mistakenly believe scenesters listen to indie, but this is not true. They listen to mainstream crap that they'd like to believe is "different" or "rebellious;" this includes a lot of screamo and "pop punk."

3. Ew.
Random person: ...
by ThenameIwantedwasalreadytaken November 29, 2009
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