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The lead singer of the band Bring Me The Horizon. Originating From the United Kingdom, They were awarded the Best New Metal Band of 2006 By Kerrang.
Also know for his higher piched screams rather than cookie monster screams produced by most metal bands.

ALl-in-all He is pretty much the best singer of the new metal world.
"Have you ever heard of BMTH?"

"Hell yeah! Oliver Sykes is amazing"
by Patriconasaurus May 24, 2007
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He is the hottest guy on the planet. He's also a vegetarian, which is a kickass thing.
If you think differently, well, I would have to pwn you.

Bill: "Have heard of Oliver Sykes, the lead singer of Bring Me the Horizon?"

Britney: "Hell yeah, he's the hottest mother fucker in the world!"
by gawd fucking dammit January 08, 2008
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Oliver Sykes is the lead singer of the band Bring Me The Horizon (AKA the best band ever). He is the hottest person alive and makes everyone wet. If you do not have the uncontrollable urge to rape him then you might be either blind or not straight. His voice is like the sound of 1000 jars of nutella opening, he owns Drop Dead (a clothing line) and did I mention he is the sexiest person alive?
Person 1: Did you go see Oliver Sykes in concert yesterday?

Person 2: Yea I raped him but he enjoyed it so technically it wasn't rape

Person 1: oh.
by Gaby Sykes September 22, 2013
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Vocalist for UK metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon.

Most girls rate him on his looks, I like to rate him on the fact he can sing/scream amazingly live.

Bad rep in the past, but big respect for him being a vegan. Also known for the very eccentric feather tattoo on his face.

Also owns a clothing line, Drop Dead.

Also, he doesn't ask for money from fans for pictures, unlike a certain Kellin Quin from Sleeping With Sirens.
Person 1; You ever heard of that Sykes guy?

Person 2; Fuck yeah, Oliver Sykes is the bomb!
by bathxoxoxoxoxo November 09, 2013
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Just about the sexiest guy alive, in the band BMTH (Bring Me The Horizon) Makes every wet. Is also the father of about 2 thousand kids, and the future father of 4,000.
Did you go to the concert? Oliver Sykes was there, I threw off all my clothes and raped him.
by Ami Amazing March 04, 2008
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Lead singer of BMTH (Bring Me The Horizon). Mainly famous not for their music but because girls find Oliver Sykes attractive. He owns the clothing company called Drop Dead. ( Known for his stupid stunts, tattoos, and his scene hair.
I went to see Oliver Sykes last night and I got a hug from him.
by TruongJ January 09, 2010
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