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(SQEE-ZER) A word used to describe someone who is always willing to give up a peice of ass, some would say they enjoy it
"You that girl over there man she's a sceezer like non-other cuzzin, Friday she put out for like 5 niggas"
by F_Z_ February 13, 2008
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The girl that comes down on vacation and has a plan to let the pipe be laid on her by a local guy.

Sceezers usually roll in packs. They tend to go on vacation to the beach, and screw local surfers, lifeguards, and cabana boys. Most common destinations include :

Anywhere in mexico, any tropical island, and most commonly found coming to florida. The most extreme sceezers are found in the gulf coast panhandle. Panama city beach, santa rosa beach, miramar beach, destin, and pensacola beach.
Dude, we are totally goin to PCB this year to hook up with some total sceezers!

That Brooke was a total sceezin ass bitch, i did my thing, then she went and gave kaleb a BJ ten minutes later!
by c0deezy November 25, 2009
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