The dance epileptic people do when they see a bunch of flashing lights.
Person 1: This game is lit, oh no I got flashbanged!
Person 1: Ah sick he's doing The Scatman!
by iiJason124 January 17, 2020
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(I'm the scatman) Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
by Bundle of Nonsense June 23, 2022
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A variation of the rusty trombone or rusty Gillespie in which whilst receiving a rim job, you proceed to poop in the other party's mouth.
The rusty trombone took an awful turn when the scatman entered the jam session.
by McKraut August 23, 2010
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1. Someone who scats while having sex. Scat used here means a fast rapping of meaningless words

2. Someone who has sex with the Debbie willingly. Called a Scatman because the only known person to ever have had sex with the Debbie was a scatman.
1. Me: Dude, I think your parents are having sex and one of them's scatting!
You: Yeah I know, my dad's a scatman
-Then we hear "scatabaddabeddabettadebado I'M THE SCATMAN"-
Me: You need to ask him to stop doing that, it's creepy

2. Somehow, Pete turned out to be a Scatman. I feel bad for anyone who has ever been friends with him
by Nick Chiasson October 29, 2007
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Scatmans world by Scatman John. The song is about the world and the different cultures and races that exist in it
Scatfan:Did you hear the new song Scatmans World from Scatman John? It's awesome!
Scattheorist: Scatman did not go to heaven, he went to Scatland!
by The scatter September 23, 2010
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