Ancient form of body modification involving inflicting designed and planned wounds to the body with the intention of leaving a scar for aesthetic reasons.
Common with darker-skinned people and cultures, because scarring shows better than tattooing in people with more melanin.
Scarification may be done by burning, cutting or with chemicals.
Scarification is not related to self-injury, because of the difference in motives. Scarification should be done in a sterilized environment by a professional, with the intention of aesthetic value.
by Evil Bella March 30, 2005
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Kenny: Amber wants to get a white tattoo, but nobody gives white tattoos. So, she's doing scarification.

Oscar: What's that?

Kenny: Think about it. What word is in scarification?

Oscar: Scar. So she's cutting herself?

Kenny: Well..yea but..

Oscar: Oh! So she's cutting herself with style.
by Scar O. December 16, 2009
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