1. to walk up to someone and use your belly to move them around.

2. the act of being scadouched.
I totally scadouche better playing sports than anywhere else!

I scadouched my brother all the way from the house to the car!
by C. Jones May 13, 2008
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The act of getting drilled or hit in the face with something wet or moist.
Rick- Owww!
Justin- What?
Rick- Someone threw a water balloon in my face and now im wet.
Justin- Hahaha you got Scadouche!
by The Indo Crew August 28, 2010
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To be a Scadouche is someone who is not only a douche but more then than that. Hence the Sca.
Tim is a "Sca -Wait for it- Douche"

Daniel told Tim that he was a "Scadouche"
by Daniel Wazz June 21, 2011
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