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A measurement used to measure something so good that you get a sudden rush of jizz in your pants.
The better something is the more Jizzawatts it has.
Dude this band is like 400 Jizzawatts!
It must be a really good band!

This cheeseburger is so good!!
How many Jizzawatts is it?
Deffinatly 500 Jizzawatts!
by The Indo Crew July 14, 2010
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Surgery that reroutes blood around clogged coronary arteries in the heart that have been clogged due to an excesive amount of eating McDonalds.
Jim: Did you hear Pedro has to have tripple bypass surgery?
Tim: Yeah i heard, Its probably from all of the McDonalds he has eaten. His arteries are clogged from to many Big Mac's.

Jim: So hes having a McBypass Surgery?
Tim: Yeah his McBypass surgery is on monday.
by The Indo Crew July 15, 2010
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The act of getting drilled or hit in the face with something wet or moist.
Rick- Owww!
Justin- What?
Rick- Someone threw a water balloon in my face and now im wet.
Justin- Hahaha you got Scadouche!
by The Indo Crew August 29, 2010
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A person who watches and creeps on little kids that are playing and running around a McDonalds Playhouse.
Dude see that guy on that bench?
Hes a McPedophile.
What do you mean?
Look how he is starring at those little kids.
by The Indo Crew July 13, 2010
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(Noun): a girl who has a wreaked vagina. The girl is classified as a whore and has sex alot. A girl who is very "lose" and gets plowed in the butt or vagina very often.
Sometimes referred to by short as: PJPL
Justin: "Dude i was with my girlfriend last night and she wanted to do it. But when she took her pants off she was a Papa John's Parking Lot."

Jake: "Wow she must have sex alot to be as lose as a Papa John's Parking Lot."
by The Indo Crew June 7, 2011
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