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Japanese name for girls
can mean:
small lily (flower)
early born lily (flower)
depending on the characters
(the main character of Memoirs of a Geisha's name was Sayuri)
by SayuriZoolander September 10, 2006
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A common female Japanese name. It is also a Indian name, with Sanskrit roots.

In Sanskrit it means "one that is close to God" and in Japanese it means "little lily" "unborn lily" "new flower" etc.
Many Japanese celebrities have the name Sayuri and can be spelt with the characters: さゆり OR サユリ
The main character in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha has the name Sayuri.
"Hey Sayuri, your name is pretty dope!"
"Sayuri is my sisters name."
"My name is Sayuri."
by kopite* October 08, 2011
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Sayuri is a girl who you can trust with anything. She can be a little crazy at times, but will always be around to help when you need her most. Shes an honest person, great advice-giver, and an amazing listener. She goes through alot of bs, but manages to keep it hidden. She has great friends. If you ever break her heart you WILL pay for it. A sayuri is the sweetest person you will ever know. Short, but sweet and salty.
Sayuri cant be put into words, that is how great she is
by Sayuri_Mei13 February 08, 2019
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Literal meaning: from Japan meaning little lily and a little warrior.

But is also:

A definite badass who most of the time does not care what other people think. She is very athletic and has a great figure.

She has flawless skin and glossy hair.
She is also very smart but sometimes gets underestimated for it . She puts her friends and family first and cares about other people’s feelings. She loves animals

And has a great personality once she lets you in. In reality she may put up a tough front but maybe really shy on the inside. She can be conscious of people’s thoughts and might have a struggle interacting. However she loves music. She is very unique with amazing qualities.
Sayuri is amazing
by Black/White24 April 24, 2019
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A women who is feisty and has a big imagination. They are carefree and live with an open mind. They are not scared and will not back down from a fight. They’re always in your corner and can’t say no to a challenge. They are loyal and have an amazing fashion sense. She loves the outdoors and is a total adrenaline junkie
Sayuri is so unique, you have to just stop and stare in awe
by Black/White24 April 27, 2019
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She is an amazing pick-pocket and can most of the time get away with it. She has an amazing memory and is extremely vigilant. She may seem like she is not aware of what is happening but most of the time she is already on top of it. Really athletic and skilled in mental arithmetic. Is a book nerd and loves adventure/ action movies. Has an amazing figure and flawless complexion. Not one to judge or spread gossip. Loves music. Very intuitive. Total badass who loves dark colours and has beautiful eyes
Wow look at Sayuri
by Black/White24 April 24, 2019
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a person that cannot do her nails and has proud mom moments. this person is team Jacob (even tho team Edward is WAY better and she is a brown prodigy.
person 1:i am team Jacob
person2: your such a Sayuri
by ion fw yous October 07, 2019
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