Vinayak Damodar Indian independence activist ,freedom fighter and politician who formulated the Hindu nationalist philosophy of हिंदुत्व.
person 1:who was veer savarkar ?
person 2: a hindu nationalist !
by भगवा June 20, 2021
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This phrase is said when someone apologising after doing something regrettable either due to peer pressure or self conscious. This phrase has Historical importance as the Savarkar was self declared freedom fighter. But when put in captivity under British era, he started apologising and wrote apology letter 14 times to the British government. This move is seen as very degrading for India movement for freedom when many freedom fighter were hanged for this. Savarkar was writing apology letters. Not only one but 14 times. Now when hyper Indian nationalists says something really aghast and when it comes into public eye the try to apologise, and in a way using "Pulling out Savarkar" technique.
Man 1 : Hindutva terrorism supporter tweeted 14 tweets last night for his call of violence against other people.

Man 2 : Nah, he is just Pulling out Savarkar.
by Edward_zigma November 07, 2019
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