column written by dan savage that i read every week at work and learn about fetishes that i didn't even know existed.
"how is savage love this week?"

"well this week a girl asked whether or not her fetish of taping the sound of men using the bathroom was violating their rights"

by Lisa Barnes December 21, 2006
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The brilliant weekly column written by Dan Savage that dispenses sage love/sex/relationship advice, along with a healthy dose of political commentary and social satire. Savage Love is published in "The Onion" and Seattle's alternative weekly, "The Stranger."
"Did you skip to the last page of 'The Onion' and read 'Savage Love' first?"
by sugareejen May 17, 2006
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1: Forbidden relations with cousins

2: Cousins that fall in love.
My grandma said that’s savage love when your cousins get married.
by Hamnher February 1, 2022
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