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cringeworthy people from the city of Mississauga, ON, who use Toronto hood terms to sound cool and black, their parents are usually rich immigrants or are from a royal saudi arabian family. these people take part in activities such as robbing people and selling drugs and can usually be found in Square One Shopping Centre, or Celebration Square. the mississauga kids have adapted a new speech style with some words you cant even find on this site, what the fuck is to gurx someone ahlie? wallahi?
*gas can emoji* "Ahh dawg gang shxt ahlie? reach celeb im tryna jam some sauga pops wallahi
by discluded June 10, 2016
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A person who is considered popular that lives in Mississauga. These people usually have 1000+ followers and are ages 13-17. They often hang out at Square One. Some examples are Ashley Silva, Patrycja Zyman, and Jacob Braga.
she's such a sauga pop! she got 1000 followers in one week!!
by definingrandomwords January 13, 2017
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A person from Mississauga Ontario that is popular. Usually has over 1000 followers. Some sauga pops are Bucky, Vince, Jason, Tim l, Aidan s, cam s, Ethan h
by Definitionposter February 01, 2018
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