A snugglemuffin that's lost it's way, then lost it's memory... So still just a snugglemuffin.
Sasaki the sasasarious.
by Sasasarious March 7, 2015
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A euphemism meaning to have diarrhea, explosive or non-explosive, and/or chronic digestive problems. Can be used as a noun or a verb. Originated from the Metal Gear videogame series from Johnny Sasaki, a luckless soldier with chronic digestive problems.
As a noun- Dude, I ate some rancid beans and had Johnny Sasaki all night.

As a verb- Not cool, man! You Johnny Sasaki'd all over my couch!
by Count Zurich July 11, 2008
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haise sasaki aka the house cleaner
this bad bitch aka ken kaneki has like 10 personalities and one of them is haise sasaki, the house cleaner
by timmycanownmykids May 17, 2020
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a fruity ahh character from the anime "Sasaki to Miyano". His boyfriend is Miyano Yoshikazu. He is a fake ginger and he listens to ed sheeran.
"Yo who was that one guy who was down bad for his bf?"
"Oh do you mean Sasaki Shuumei?"
by eeii July 24, 2022
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Fisting two girls at once (preferably identical twins) and wielding them like swords.
The "Sasaki Kojiro" technique is also known as the "Niten Ganryuu (二天岩流)" in Japanese.
by demi-dono February 4, 2021
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History's greatest loser. Who trained against the effigies of his idols.
Sasaki Kojiro "It's a monologue because your position is already been made clear. Before you were even made aware of my existence which side of the gun you'd be on was already determined. You were always going to going to file in behind the person holding the weapon. No one is ever going to step out in front of the gun because people holding it will always shoot through you to get to me."
by Hym Iam June 15, 2022
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A guy with huge goals and one day hopes to be a happy Messanger along with his best friend Yuto Tamoda. Is the most slick guy u will ever meet. HE SLIDES IN DMS.Likes to fight people with the name of Josh
by King/&?2@/! October 1, 2017
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