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A phenomenon common on the Washington, DC Metro and elsewhere in which up to 20 people will attempt to squeeze through one set of doors on a train car.
I was on the Metro today and I got caught in another sardine party at Gallery Place, but no one grabbed my ass this time, thank God.
by Maddie S. December 01, 2006
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A party, usually a house party, with way too many people per square footage. The worst type of party. Everybody stands shoulder to shoulder. People are stacked back to back or pressed all up against someones chest. Dancing is reduced to swaying; if you try to move your feet you'd step on someone else's. Constantly at high risk of catching elbows. Smaller houses risk an unhealthy CO2 to O2 ratio. Depending on how late you get there, you might just be inhaling recycled air and recycling it again.
"Hey come pick me up. Im at this Sardine Party, bro. I've breathed in so many other people's carbon. Yea. I hardly made it out of there alive. I couldn't even exit dance through the crowd to get out, I had to slide through the gaps between bodies of people who were simultaneously try to hump me as I went."

- How was the party mate?

"It sucked, man. Total sardine party. Place was crawling with people and there was no alcohol."

"This function was a total sardine party. When I showed up, the host was making everyone go outside so that he could filter out the dudes who didn't pay and make more room to let more females in. Totally pulled a Brita on that place. They Brita'd them sardines."
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by svggytits November 13, 2016
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