A verb to replace being sarcastic.
“That was pretty mean!” “It’s ok, I was sarcasing.”
by i <3 lorde April 13, 2021
one who is listening to someone using sarcasm.
Joe was using so much sarcasm I was beginning to feel sarcased.
by thewordgirl January 5, 2010
Present progressive of using sarcasm in a conversation.
Don't freak out, ya Sally, I was just sarcasing you.
by January 16, 2021
Present progressive use of 'sarcas'. Utilizing sarcasm in an oportune given moment.
Stop taking me so seriously. I was just sarcasing with you.
by January 16, 2021
v. practice or act of being sarcastic
v. (try to) produce sarcasm
You are just trying too hard to sarcasize
You should work on your sarcasizing
Miss Rains is not a brilliant sarcasizer
by qaatil_shikaari June 23, 2015