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Like Chuck Norris, a sarb is a man not to be messed with, a man who lives by his own terms. Sarb does not follow the rules he is the rule.

Verb --

"You have been Sarb'ed" this is derived from the lost ancient extracts of the man code. This text was published in the first edition of the "Man Code: conduct between bro's, unknown author, 1500 BC".

To be "Sarb'ed" is to be tricked and deceived in a frivolous and punishing way. If you are ever "sarb'ed" you will know but the profuse and inordinate need to mewl.
1. "Im going to sarb my life up"

2. "Showed by boss i cant be Sarb'ed"

3. "Sarb him up bro"
by MikeyJazzle69 January 29, 2014
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