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In a flash of clarity, a handful of words are carefully selected to form a memorable, more often than not - optimistic - insight on the world. Poignant, concise - these are the staples to the philosophical exploration done alone at night. These thoughts are spewed out to the world though tweets and status updates. It is common to see encouragement through the forms of likes.

Be confident enough to succeed in what you do, be humble enough to learn from others.

Drinking from the cup of love and the sometimes loveless, of countless failures, scarce triumphs, and infinite hope.

I don't quote people because they are right. I quote people because there are many faces to humanity, all of which we need to understand.
A: I just made a realization last night: humans are all capable of loving one another regardless of their pasts.

B: Oh man, we got a sanphorism on our hands. Hold on one second and let me tweet this.
by ZenRuthy December 28, 2011
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