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really hot girl,
word wich is being used in european countries such as holland and the UK by teens
she's so hot she's a sanira
by egie August 18, 2009
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She has corny jokes but her dressing style makes up for it. She keeps it real and is very pretty.
Sanira is so pretty
by Durel February 05, 2018
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Sanira is a wonderful girl. She’s beautiful and usually has very pretty eyes. She has a unique personality. She’s very funny and a bit crazy at times, but you will love her. She has a tendency to be bad at maintaining relationships, because her trust with guys is terrible. But when she loves someone, she will give her all to that person. She is a very fragile person, who gets hurt very easily. So be careful. She tends to be sarcastic, but not to the point where she’s rude. But she’s a very sweet person as well. Sanira can have bad self esteem issues, so she rarely expects complements because she doesn’t believe them.. She doesn’t realize her inner and outer beauty. But if you ever have a Sanira of your own, be very thankful. She will give you everything she has to make you happy.
Wow she is really pretty no wonder why her name is Sanira”
by Durel June 01, 2018
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