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A "make someone feel special" hug that's administered when there are only three people present; unlike the classic "group-hug special" (three people forming a group-hugging "triangle" around a fourth person who is the "special" one), this embrace involves having the "special" person face one of the other two people and snuggle up against him chest-to-chest, and then the third person comes up behind the "special" person and extends his arms forward on either side of the "special" person, while the first person does likewise, so that he and the third person hug each other "from a distance", and are both hugging the "special" person in the process.
Slim cutie, strolling on the beach arm-in-arm with two mushy-hearted admirers: Oh, yeah, I almost forgot --- today's my seventeenth birthday.
One of her two companions: Really? Well, then --- let's give Birthday Girl a great big ol' sandwich-hug!
Cutie, placidly closing her eyes to better savor her companions' cuddly attention: Awww... thanks, fellas --- mmmmmm... there's really nuthin' quite so comforting for a girl as havin' TWO big warm fuzzy chests snugglin' up from both directions!
Other admirer: Well, it's the least we can do for ya, Sweet Cheex --- too bad the rest of our peeps are away at the pool, or we coulda all given ya a humongous CROWD-HUG and thrown ya a nice birthday party. But at least the two of us can give ya **sandwich-snugglez**!
First admirer: Yes, and then we can all go to the diner for some pipin'-hot grilled-cheese **sandwiches**!
by QuacksO February 05, 2017
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