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Large Furry Drunken Animal That Roams a Trailer Park and Get's Beat Up By To Guys Named Ricky and Bubbles...
"F*** Ricky! There'S One O' Them Samsquantch'S At Muh Door!!!"
by Frikkin Lahey March 10, 2008
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Furry fool who break dances. Is known for homosexual tendancies and undergoes the challenge of getting laid. While failing miserably. He often tries to steal peoples lives and drive other people apart. Is prone to bitch slapping. Can be found in the Urban Jungles of Toronto.
"What a homo... Such a Samsquantch... Hey Bob look at the samsquantch!"

"C'mon kids gather around. Billy Poke it with a stick! But mommy the Samsquantch might be horny and eat me! and NOT literally :("
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