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Facial expression that shows deep distraction. Sampaju faces are characterized for eyes focused on nowhere, semi- opened mouth, and react a little slow when they're called. When you see someone with a Sampaju face, you should definetively be careful, their stupidity is contagious.
Guy: Hey, did you see that girl over there?
Guy 2: OMG her face!
Guy: She's definetively SO Sampaju.
by youwillbethedeathofme April 18, 2009
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1. Football league usually played by Villa Freinet's old students. Sampaju's top players were conformed by Luis Calzonhead, Obregon La Mano de Dios, Julio Jesus JJ, and Jose, who's also known for being the top rebel ever known in his city.
Guy: Let's play Sampaju!
Guy 2: Ok dude.
by allthepeaceandjoyinyourlife April 16, 2009
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