School mascot of Southern Illinois University (SIU).

The Saluki is a dog originally bred in Egypt for hunting purposes. Thus, it is sometimes referred to as an 'Egyptian Hunting Dog'.

You will usually hear the word "Saluki" mentioned on national television during the first or sometimes second rounds of the NCAA tournament every year. But never after that.

The Saluki is also the only domesticated animal ever known to be able to grow back it's testicles after being neutered.
Dang, who give da Saluki dawg that Old Style??
by Skerry-P June 2, 2005
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A dirty disgusting dog without a home; from Saudi Arabia
You fucking Saluki, what were you thinking?
by sfnilop March 7, 2021
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A Spotify and Apple Music playlist exclusively of Carbondale, Illinois area hip-hop artists, R&B Artists and rappers presented and curated by 618 Hip-Hop and is updated weekly with new and hot singles.
Y’all check out that Saluki Heat playlist by 618 Hip-Hop yet? Nothing but fire!
by UrbanSoIL December 25, 2022
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n. Son of a Belmont Bruin and a large flappy vagina
Here you can see a Saluki getting brutally penetrated by a Belmont Bruin
by Jjr3 May 25, 2023
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