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Someone who constantly or easily gets angry or offended when things don't go their way. Somewhat the same as a Negative Nancy....or butt hurt Becky.
Chick 1- "Man she sure is being such a salty Susan!

Chick 2-" Yea she is, She could turn a freshwater lake into the Dead Sea!"

Chick 1-"Yea, she totally could!"
by CammiS09 January 15, 2016
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Best friend with little Lucas. Has no friends, is lame, very much an introvert. Likes watching Netflix and eating snacks. Not someone people usually enjoy their company. Loves cats, chocolate cake, and unicorns. Is nice but awkward, caring, thoughtful, sometimes a dick. Salty Susan doesn’t like emotions, people, or roaches. Doesn’t like to eat animals, is kinda gay, likes thigh highs, listens to the same song for days straight. Boring, tall, has nice eyebrows, loves unconditionally and never stops caring.
Salty Susan is so fukin gay she’s basically a unicorn.
by Salty Susan February 03, 2018
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