hatin' hoes who be all in your grill that smile in your face and they smile ain't real
While I be minding my bizz, she over there saltshaking on my game.
by Nika T October 29, 2003
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cock blocker

grittin' on you so hard it's like rubbing salt in your wounds
I was talking to Donnie and this ugly girl was salt shaking on me
by konichiwakitty August 19, 2003
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In common usage in essex. When an awkward or tense situation arises, all tension can be examplified with this gesture, in which both hands are made into fists, placed on top of each other and rotated in opposite directions as in a salt grinder.
Man 1: Dude she's hot.

Man 2: That's my mum.


Awkward Salt Shaker performed by passer-by.
by Awkward! May 09, 2010
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The Mexican salt shaker is the way of the future. It restores air flow, works the sweat off my balls, and adjusts my junk all at the same time. Not to mention no one knows what im doing.... mostly haha....
When i work out I always do The Mexican Salt Shaker so i don't get my hands wet.
by Ichwill1986 April 14, 2010
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This happens when a girl has a large amount of pubic hair that resembles a temperate rainforest along with an excess amount of crabs similar to the deadliest catch. She shakes them out over random foods such as fries or eggs with a salt shaker like effect. She can also sit on a margarita glass to salt the rim.

A mudded pussy is preferable to achieve the best results.
"Bro, that nasty ass whorebag salted my fries with her salt shaker pussy."

"My fiances best feature is definately her salt shaker pussy."
by Twerk Grinder McFresh November 01, 2009
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Pour salt on a woman's vagina and put her into a cold ice bath then proceed to have sex with her. It will feel like you are having sex with a corpse.
John: When I came home last night the bathroom floor was flooded with cold water and ice, what happened last night?

Bob: Well Kelly came over and I pulled an Alaskan Salt Shaker
by mistersmith1990 June 07, 2009
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