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Someone who is alwaya salty. Completely jaded by life. Almost never smiles or laughs genuinely.

The original salt lord is responsible for creating the Dead Sea and the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah, just through his sheer levels of salt.
(Synonymous with Sultan of Salt.)
Damn Hunter, why are you such a salt lord? Relax a bit man.
by Sober Sailor May 30, 2016
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Has no patience for human existence, usually found in a cold habitat. Hostile towards most warm blooded creatures, accepting to animals such as pets and wildlife. Use caution when approaching or talking to said person. He/she can snap within seconds.
Don’t go in there, I heard the salt lord usually hangs out in the bathroom during lunch hour.

I have to sit next to the saltlord in class.
by Saltlord Alpha February 07, 2019
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"Did you hear Gavin today complaing about our movie picks?"

"Yeah, he's being a total salt lord."
by Blurp17 February 26, 2017
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People who frequently or constantly try to make anyone salty for their own sadistic pleasure.

E.g: Practically anyone who uses some form of social media.
Salt lord annoys someone*

Salty person says something out of irritation/anger to salt lord*

Salt lord: Oooooo, someone's sounds or looks really sallltyyy... Good, your saltiness, and anguish sustains meeee...
by YRU still alive! October 10, 2016
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People who bring the law, as well as the Shugoki-esque.
"The salt lords rule over the mundane and petty in their mines."
by Lord Tyrus June 23, 2018
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