Salan is a family name you would mostly find in Indian families. They are one of the coolest and sweetest family you will meet. They are so caring and will make sure you're okay and spend a great time.
friend: yesterday i spent my day at Salan's house.
other friend: how was it?
friend: it was amazing.
by jxdkfhl1818 April 1, 2018
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Salane is a rare last name found in Senegal, India, and in some caucus families in North America. Salane is one of the sweetest and coolest names you'll ever know. People with the last name tend to be very known in their communities and environments, and they are very special and tender people.
Mamadou Salane is a very gentle and charismatic guy; he's just adorable.
by Origin Master November 22, 2021
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the act of having sex with a women who is of the middle eastern background: the salan refers to the curry sauce that the indian and middle eastern women eat therefor making them salan pussy.
my friend Danial eats out the girls that have salan pussy.
thats gross
by danial amjed December 23, 2009
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