Sakonji is a very calm and patient person but when it comes to those he loves he just cannot help but to be extremely caring and understanding, kind and patient. Sakonji's have a very high sex drive with massive cocks. They are also amazing fighters, and if someone is ever lucky enough to have a sakonji as a lover, they will be protected forever as sakonji's are very territorial. Sakonji's are usually of japanese descent, as they are also tall, blessed in there pants and overall very cute. Sakonji's hate liars and lying, and if you lie to them they will never trust you again so be careful on making that mistake. Sakonji's are also amazing in bed and as states before, Their dicks are just huge. And when turned on their dicks are rock hard. Enjoy a sakonji while you have one. Especially in bed ;)
- Girl 1: Who is that guy i can see his giant cock through his pants
- Girl 2: That's sakonji...
by Sakonji July 2, 2022